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After many requests from friends and fans over the years, I am proud to say I've finished my CD. I have selected some of my favorite songs and tunes, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed performing them.

I wish to dedicate this recording to the memory of my father, Charles Allred, and to my mother, Peggy Allred, for her constant support.

I also want to mention my guitar hero, Chet Atkins, who has been my inspiration for playing for as long as I can remember.

Price of the CD is $15.00 with free shipping in the Continential US. For shipments outside the US contact us to arrange for shipping. Thank you!

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  • Bob Jones

    18 Sep 2003

    I first met Rick Allred in 1979. He was playing his nighlty performance at Joseph's Restaurant in Greensboro, NC. To say I was impressed by his playing would be an understatemment. I was amazed. Over the course of the evening, Rick touched on many styles of music. He played finger style and classical arrangements. These tunes were delivered with uncanny accuracy. His execution of the songs he played was so reminiscent of the original guitar greats that I was astounded to find out Rick did not read music. In knowing Rick for more than twenty years, my astonishment has become more of an understanding - an understanding that some people are born to play music.

    For over thirty years, Rick has entertained audiences of all ages with his music. Rick has also inspired many members of his audience, namely other guitarists. Some of us have become his students. About five years ago I started building guitars. I am very proud to say that Rick now owns one of my guitars and is playiong it on this CD. After listening to the original cuts for this project, I am looking forward to his next CD.

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